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Tube Bending : Recent Works Portfolio

List of items in flash portfolio (above)

  1. 22mm OD Handle Bent on left and right hand bender
  2. 1" OD Chair Frame bent in 2 pieces
  3. 8mm Stainless Steel Frame bent on different radii
  4. 16mm OD Stainless Steel Tube bent and rolled
  5. Various 6mm OD copper pipes supplied as kits for assembly into test rigs.
  6. Copper Coil to fit grid on 3 different radii, tightest being 1D.
  7. Complete 6metre length of 25mm OD steel bent to form Display feature.
  8. Tube bent for lighting display.
  9. Stainless steel coil, 16mm OD Tube.
  10. Various manifolds with different terminals, all tested then finished by zinc plating and passivating.
  11. Coil from 16mm OD stainless steel using 6 metres of material.
  12. 20mm OD Aluminium tube bent as coil.
  13. Flat sided oval aluminium tube, bent drilled and welded with inlet and outlet connections.
  14. 20mm OD steel tube, bent for boom pipes, ends thread rolled 1/2" BSP, brackets welded, assembly then zinc plated and passivated.
  15. Stainless steel fabrication, tube bent, shaped, welded, tested and satin polished, flanges flat to 0.3mm.